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Cynthia Hudson

Have You

Found One?

Original HEART PAINTINGS are hidden IN THE OPEN for anyone to find.

Since 2002

Here are some stories of those who have found         
or have hidden a heart painting!
since 2000

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for

newest and latest finding!!!!!!!!

Thank you, McKenzies

This is why we do it!!!!!

Jenny McKenzie

Thank you, Schiebers

Rob Schieber

Linda Schieber

We found your heart painting outside the National Gallery (we are a family of 9) on October 26, 2009.Hope is eight years old and is a big fan of art and hearts - she loves her painting. She was so excited, she did not want to let it go.She is still very fond of it. Hearts sits on her dresser in her room. I think receiving this gift will always make that day very magical for her.Thank you for your generous kindness and making our visit to the Gallery so special. Hope says ...thank you for the heart painting.We live in North Carolina. I think that your paintings are very great

Thank You Shannon

Shannon Myers


Thank you Ungaschicks

"We are the three students at KU that found your painting outside Strong Hall. We were on a walk through campusand saw your painting and couldn't resist finding out more. It really did brighten our day and gave us a greatstory to tell! We have it on our mantel by the front door so everyone can see it. Send us more!!"

"Thank you for the painting, it was very nice of you to give it away.I hung it up in my little 5 yr. old daughter's bedroom."

 STUDENT AT THE KC ART INSTITUTE"I'm the valet that took one of your heart paintings in front of Brio.I really appreciate it. It looks amazing and it really did brighten my day!"

Thank you Cochels

This heart painting was found on the beach somewhere in Florida.

thank you Pereiras

 Hi Cynthia,  I am the person who got your free art! My cameraman was shooting for our show right by where you left it. He gave it to me - and I then mailed to my kids for Valentine's Day!  What a beautiful thing! I love your work - would like to see more.  Happy Valentine's Day, A grateful recipient. --


thank you Summers

          thank you Cocherls

1-1-phone may 5 2019.jpg

Thank You Summers!

2-2-phone may 5 2019 265.jpg

Hi! I took your beautiful painting from the 9/11 memorial. Thank you!!! I’m bringing it home to Maui with me and will send a photo once I hang it up. You’ve also inspired me to do something kind and pay it forward, so I’ll donate to the Maui food bank in your name!

Sooo- my gorgeous friends just happened to be visiting from Seattle and we went out to celebrate one of their birthdays last night. He is the embodiment of love and grace and kindness so I thought he should receive your beautiful painting as a gift. I’ll have him send a pic to me when he gets back. :):). For right now, it’s in the red bag.
Thanks for leaving such a sweet token.
Sara Bhonsale

Thank you Cristen and Chad

Cristen Summers

Chad Summers

          Paris in Springtime



Kathy Cocherl

Patrick Cocherl


This is Isabelle

‌Bon‌jour Cynthia

I have met your dear friends Kathy and Patrick Cocherl in Paris. And I felt blessed to have met them. I was their guide and we had the best time together. I could read in their eyes the immense joy of discovering such a beautiful city. They raved about you and your art. At the end of their stay, when it was time to say good bye to Paris and to me, That day, they brought me a beautiful heart painted by their best friend. What a surprise ! I'm remodeling my appartment and I had chosen the day before, a green colour close to the green of your painting, for the entrance hall. When the remodeling will be over, I'll send you a picture of your painting in situ:)

Merci merciiii !

With my very best


Thank you Kathy Cocherl

  Sorrento  Italy in the fall

Cary Pereira

Kevin Pereira

1-4-EUROPE 3.jpg
1-4-EUROPE 3-001.jpg

Lake Shore, Minnesota



Thank You





Vieques , Puerto Rico
2022 spring break

hidden hearts 2022 cristen.jpg
hidden hearts 2022 cristen #2.jpg
heart found in puerto rico 2022.jpg
FOUND  IT  !!!

Thank you Knox, Weston, and Sophia!!!

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